03 Novembre 2015
Eugenio Carmi. Notes on Our Times. Historical Works 1957-1963

5th December 2015 - 28th February 2016
Due to its success the exhibition will be extended until the 13th of March 2016

Museo del 900, Milan

Exhibition Curator: Davide Colombo


Opening: Friday, 4th December - 6.30 pm




Eugenio Carmi, who was born in Genoa, but is Milanese by adoption, has decided to donate an important work of his, Appunti (Notes, 1963), to the city in order to confirm the close relationship he has with Milan.
The work he has donated is part of a cycle of works, Appunti sul nostro tempo (Notes on Our Times), that the artist executed in 1961 and 1963, when he was working as artistic consultant at the Italsider steelworks in Genoa, where he was responsible for publicity campaigns, advertising and the firm’s magazine.
Staged on this occasion in the Museo del Novecento, this exhibition is a tribute to the artist’s generosity, establishing a link between the collage and other works Carmi produced at that time. A series of collages, drawings and works on paper are on display, mostly for the first time, allowing us to fully appreciate his artistic output of the late 1950s and early 1960s.
This is an excellent opportunity to thank the artist, who, through his art, has helped to enhance the collections of the Milan Municipal Collections. 

Claudio Salsi - Executive at Museo del 900