La bomba e il generale (The bomb and the general)
Eugenio Carmi and Umberto Eco
Bompiani Editore, Milan, 1966

The result of an idea shared by the two authors, the first two books of fairy tales were published when the public was still not ready for this kind of children’s book. 
‘They drew on “political” themes that were particularly controversial at the time: nuclear disarmament and peaceful coexistence…. I am particularly fond of them because I had written the text and because they were quite unsuccessful, and I think Carmi loves them just as tenderly…. Drawn in 1965 and published the following year, perhaps they would have been popular with children, but children’s books are bought by their parents…’. Umberto Eco, ‘Eugenio Carmi, una pittura di paesaggio?’ in U. Eco and D. Macmillan, Carmi, Edizioni l’Agrifoglio, Milan, 1996.


Photo gallery:

Some of the illustrations by Carmi.